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Sexiest Body Andrea Dian

Friday, June 3, 2011

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Sexy body is a gift and a dream for every woman, model and television movie star, Andrea Dian also has a body part which she thought beautiful and sexy. What is judged sexy?

"I think the eyes yes, I like the eyes, because of our eyes can express everything. From our eyes could see the expression of honest and lying, more fun or difficult," said Andrea Dian when found detikhot at Marche Restaurant, Area Thamrin, Central Jakarta.

So even with the lips, the virgin birth of Jakarta, 11 April 1985 was much the rate has sexy lips.

"I never asked the same person well what part I'm sexy. Most say, most still say the lips," she continued.

Speaking of sexiness, the owner of 174 centimeters tall is considered a physical not a benchmark to show the sexiness of a woman. Andrea Dian judge beauty from within is the real meaning of sexy.

"Sexy is a inerbeauty it was good, she can show all kinds of keseksiannya him without having him open his shirt wide, perforated sides, not so. Not necessarily the look is sexy, let alone the right guy, sometimes there are ilfeel, "Andrea Dian added.

Nevertheless, she was grateful she had the physical beauty. Interstudi college student majoring in Visual Communication Design is regarded beauty as a gift.

"Apparently many people praised, it means that given God's grace so beautiful and can make other people happy," said former ex Sammy Kerispatih it.

Dara real name Andrea Dian Indria Sari did not dismiss the sexiness become one of the selling points in the world of entertainment. But she refused if you have to look sexy and vulgar in a shooting.

"Sexy and pretty but not doing well, why can not it's useless. So the point is, we can beautify themselves wrote, but still be smart." Andrea Dian said with a smile.
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